I became a hairstylist to fulfill my creative desires and could not be happier with my journey.   After growing up in South Florida, my job was in hospitality. I loved interaction with so many people, but craved more creativity. When my daughter was born, I knew it was time to focus full time on my passion of creating great hair.   Since 2010, I have never stopped discovering and learning the latest styles for cuts and color. After my in depth apprenticeship with a Master Stylist, I began teaching students, upcoming , as well as established, stylists the knowledge I had gained.    I quickly gained a large following with blondes of all shades while keeping hair healthy through using the best products on the market.    Fashion colors drew my attention and has really allowed me to think outside of the box with some of the most vibrant shades in my arsenal    Curly hair became one of my passions soon after that, when I discovered curly specific Products and Cutting Techniques. I added my twist on what I learned and created my signature style of production. I now have one of the biggest curly haired clienteles in the State.    Besides producing the ultimate cut and/or color combo, showing my guests how to care for their hair outside of the salon is one of the things I'm most proud of in my career.    If you're ready to accomplish your hair goals, you can click below to get this party started by discussing your next step in your complimentary consultation. Just leave me a bit of info on your hair goals....Thank you-

Downtown Hair Artistry -Danny J.- Hair Artist