Welcome to Fort Lauderdales's Top Hair Salon

Downtown Hair Artistry is a premier Hair Salon located in Oakland Park, Florida in the Fort Lauderdale Area. We have many of the best Hair Stylists of South Florida ready to serve all your hairstyle needs. 

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Fort Lauderdale Hair Salon

Hair is Our Language

Hair is able to transform us. Some folks alter their hair for self-expression, while others resonate so deeply with a certain color or style that they truly don’t feel like themselves without. 

Fort Lauderdale's Top Stylists

Our #1 goal at Downtown Hair Artistry is to make our clients feel their best at the hands of our gifted team of stylists. Each stylist is unique in their specialties, and we want you to find the perfect fit. Every stylist has their social media so that you can check out their vibe and their work, as well as their services and pricing.


It's More Than A Haircut, It's a Hair Experience

We create a coveted space for both artists and their guests to feel rejuvenated, uplifted, and inspired to enjoy a life filled with beauty and creativity.